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Woodskin Collection

The Woodskin collection looks at the outer layer of tree surfaces as a dynamic landscape where their representational forms change through a relatively short period of time affected by different internal and external forces. The collection represents this concept  through analytical drawings and sculptural pieces. 

This  collection is inspired by the naturally peeled-off layers of tree trunk left untouched to rest to a steady form. These forms are shaped by multi-phase interactions of the boundary layer of woodskins with internal and external forces creating distinctive forms of twisted, stretched and bent surfaces.


From the very first crack on a growing woodskin to the very last point of contact with its origin, each woodskin holds its individual story, yet shares common effects of exposure to light, pressure, and vibration.


Each woodskin is distinct in its shape and appearance, but all share similar elements which have been categorized into four prominent forms: Node, Bent, Stretched, and Cylinder. These four prominent elements create the language of each piece. 


The process of design begins with drawing sketches and making models of photographed barks and deriving their form, going through a set of variations and analytical drawings and prototyping and using the 3D-printing and post processing technologies to generate the art-pieces. 

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